Don Wesley Arnold, Ph.D.

Don is a successful scientist and business manager with strong technical background and over 20 years of experience in technology development for the life sciences including 15+ years of entrepreneurial experience in starting, operating, growing and selling a start-up high-tech business serving the life science markets. During this time, he has gained experience ranging from experimental physical chemistry to microfluidics to business development, R&D in a national laboratory environment, intellectual property development and management, technology transfer, merger and acquisition, integration into a global organization and manufacturing transfer.

Twenty-plus years experience in technology commercialization

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Micro- and Nanofluidics and Microfabrication

Electrokinetic pumping and flow control

Chemical Analysis – Microanalytical System integration

Sensitive Detection – optical and electrochemical

Biological assays – flow and bead-based

Microscale sample preparation and extraction

Ion spectroscopy, vacuum systems, laser spectroscopy


General Management

M&A and Integration

Project management

Business development

Proposal writing

Patent preparation and prosecution

Intellectual property licensing


USC, Postdoctoral Fellow with Curt Witting and Hannah Reisler. State-to-State Studies of Molecule-Surface Collision Dynamics

UC Berkeley, Ph.D. Physical Chemistry (NSF Fellow). Thesis: Study of Radicals, Clusters and Transition State Species by Anion Photoelectron Spectroscopy

Cornell University, BA Chemistry (Cornell Tradition Fellow)